Your dog’s holiday checklist sorted []

Once the holiday’s booked, it’s time for the countdown begin. It’s time to download that countdown app on our phones and make sure the whole family’s up to date on how many sleeps are left.

Yet, no matter how far in advance we plan, there always seems to be that one thing that we’ve forgotten. And when you’ve got four more legs coming with you, there are a few extra things you’ll need to pack in the bag too:

For staying hydrated:

Portable water bowl and water bottle

Travelling is thirsty work. For those stops when you all need to stretch your legs and big long drink, make sure you’re all stocked up for the whole family.

For getting comfortable:


Long journeys in the car are far more enjoyable when you’re comfortable. Your dog will thank you for making that hard back seat a softer cushion to lie on.

Favourite toy

Home comforts (like that one toy they always bring to the front door when you come home) will make your dog feel much better about being in the car.

Food and treats:

Your dog’s Tailor-made blend

Holidays aren’t the same without enjoying delicious food, so don’t forget to take your dog’s favourite with you.

Dental Dailies

There’s no need to forget about dental hygiene just because you’re on holiday. Keep your dog’s breath fresh with one a day.

Training treats

To make sure your dog’s being just as obedient as they are when they’re at home.

Practical makes perfect:

Poo bag holder (full of poo bags)

Hands up if you’ve got a story about being caught out without one? You won’t want that story to have taken place in a car. Trust us on this one.

Travel sickness pills (if needed)

These can be handy to keep in the glove compartment for dogs who are prone to car sickness. If your dog needs a prescription, chat to your vet before you go.


Different walks sometimes require different leads, so take the ones you know you’ll need.

Travel towel & Grooming Kit

Rolling in the river? Splashing in the sea? Pouncing in the pond? Getting wet in the water is a delight for many dogs, but the smell of wet dog isn’t so great for owners…


If you’re holidaying in the UK, you’ll know we’re being serious when we say that rain is a very real possibility.

First aid kit

Sometimes accidents happen, and being prepared is always smart.

To keep them entertained:

Favourite toys

A holiday well spent is one that’s been filled with fun. Take tug ropes, balls or whatever floats your dog’s boat to play with.


Ok, this one isn’t specifically for your dog, but we know you’ll want to capture your favourite family moments for sure.

And if you’re heading abroad:

Before you get excited and begin to look at booking last minute deals, it’s important to make sure you’ve met all the necessary requirements for pet travel.


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