Things I’ve worried about this week

Ever get those intrusive, anxious thoughts that make your eyes widen and your brain buzz? Here’s a selection of some of the things that filled my brain this week.

  • That the photos of my dad and I in my glorious mulberry purse I lost last month are currently being used to catfish someone


  • That half of my face is slightly more lopsided than usual so therefore I must’ve had a slight stroke in my sleep recently


  • That I left my straighteners on this morning and now my entire flat is in flames


  • That my floordrobe is now so large that a mouse could be living in it and I wouldn’t know


  • That should I decide I to get rid of some clothes and put a ban on buying new ones, I will mourn specific items in months to come and regret being so decisive


  • That I’ve put on so much weight that someone might think i’m pregnant


  • That if I was pregnant, no one would offer me a seat on the tube


  • That everyone at work thinks I’m completely shite at my job and are just working out the best way to tell me without breaking my heart


  • That I haven’t told everyone I love that I love them enough lately, therefore they may not know


  • That there are dogs all over the world who will never find a family to love them


  • That I might not ever be responsible enough to own a dog


That’s all for now, gang. Stay tuned for more inevitable commute-consuming worries.


Published by

Emily Ash Powell

Writer of words & lover of brands.

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