Being An Adult by Kat Poole and Lucy Tobin | Review [Stylist Magazine]

Lucy Tobin and Kat Poole know a thing or two about work, life, money and everything that comes in between. Lucy is an award-winning journalist, specialising in business and personal finance, and Kat is the Editor of Emerald Street, email champion of women’s lifestyle, culture and entertainment. Between them, they’ve combined everything there is to know about being an actual grown up into this book of revelations.

I’m mad at this book because it didn’t exist when I first crashed cluelessly into my early 20s. It gives you the life skills that you should’ve been taught in school instead of trigonometry, like how much to spend on a wedding present, what to wear to work and conversation starters and enders. It also gives you more serious ones like translating rental contracts, going self-employed and how to mental health support if you need it.

Through all of these essential topics, you’ll feel like you’ve just been made a cup of tea by your old friends who are gently, firmly and funnily giving you all the advice, life lessons and stories you could possible need to get your adult act together. Their words are entertaining, informative and genuinely helpful, insightful and written concisely.

I so desperately wish I’d had this book laid out in front of me to read from when I sat crying in my first ever (unsuccessful) salary negotiation, telling my boss through sobs and splutters that I couldn’t afford to live in London on my terrible startup salary. It didn’t work, but she did tell me I could live in her loft if I needed to.

Like Money, Being An Adult offers some strong financial advice too, which is full of incredibly useful and easily digestible information that I yearn to have had back in the day, to have hopefully avoided some stupid decisions and mistakes.

This book should be thrust into the hands of every graduating student as they walk across the stage. It would be an excellent replacement to the handshake from the elusive and unknown-until-this-precise-moment university Dean.

This piece was originally published in the Book Wars feature in Stylist Magazine on Wednesday 24th October, 2018.

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