I Officiated My Friends’ Wedding & Here’s My Advice If You’re Asked To Do The Same [Refinery29]

Growing up, our families had always been ridiculously close. With only a year between us (me older, but not wiser), Abi and I were inseparable. Despite being cousins, our relationship was more like sisters who happened to live in different houses. From holding hands at Disneyland Paris to holding hair back in Cardiff’s Live Lounge toilets, we’d seen each other through the best of times and the worst of times, from family divorces to hair-spraying our fringes until they became a solid forehead lid.

And then there was Geraint. I first met him on the dance floor of our hometown’s worst nightclub. It was 2012, I was 18, and our highly anticipated introduction (he was cooler, older and had an EP on iTunes) was interrupted by an ex-boyfriend of mine throwing a punch at the guy he thought I was seeing. Geraint and I fled to safety the pub and we bonded over our shared, um, ‘danger’ and our love of Abi. The rest was history, and six years later on Boxing Day, they’d announce to the whole family that they’d just got engaged on a wintry walk up our local Welsh mountain.

Fast-forward to spring 2019, and their wedding preparations were well underway. Abi and Geraint, like the 52% of Brits who responded to the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey of 2018, don’t see themselves as belonging to any religion. And like two-thirds of the British population, they never attend ordinary religious services. So with no desire for a traditional or religious ceremony, Abi and Geraint planned one that could be as informal, fun and laid-back as possible.

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