Plans this weekend? Um, actually, no. [Medium]

It’s Friday. It’s five to five. And no, it’s not Crackerjack, but it is the verge of the weekend. Work’s been winding down since lunchtime, and everyone’s looking for things to appear busy with until Google Calendar strikes 5:30pm.

The conversations that previously delved deep into your lunch choices have now shifted to weekend ahead. And the inevitable question lands in your ears, ‘So what are you up to this weekend?’

Everyone stand a little taller, faces lighting up, ready to announce their grand plans. Your colleague Gemma says, ‘My friends and I are going for brunch at this new place that’s just opened in North London, that has a conveyer belt of cheese and unlimited Bloody Marys!’

Two people ‘ooh’, and three others ‘aah’. If Gemma’s Instagram Stories are anything to go by, she’s extremely exciting – last weekend she went axe throwing in the woods and ate a trio of crème brûlées that had been flambéed by a dragon. If her three-foot email this morning, reminding everyone to please consider all gluten-free people when bringing back treats from your holiday, is anything to go by, then um, less so.

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