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No one wants your cultured cashews Brian, we can go and buy our own in Tesco.

Everything you need to know about dog passports [tails.com]

If you’re heading abroad with your canine companion this year, one of the things on your holiday checklist should be your dog’s pet passport. Here’s what you need to know: What is a pet passport? A pet passport is an official document that includes a record of all the treatments your pet has had. It allows animalsContinue reading “Everything you need to know about dog passports [tails.com]”

Your dog’s holiday checklist sorted [tails.com]

Once the holiday’s booked, it’s time for the countdown begin. It’s time to download that countdown app on our phones and make sure the whole family’s up to date on how many sleeps are left. Yet, no matter how far in advance we plan, there always seems to be that one thing that we’ve forgotten.Continue reading “Your dog’s holiday checklist sorted [tails.com]”

How Can I Tell If My Dog Really Loves Me? [DogBuddy]

How will I know if my dog really loves me? There’s a dog I know, he’s the one I dream of. As a dog owner, it’s natural to be looking for signs your dog loves you. Like when you come home from work and he’s brought you your socks. That must be an act ofContinue reading “How Can I Tell If My Dog Really Loves Me? [DogBuddy]”

15 French Dog Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With [DogBuddy]

Ah, France. A country known for its cheese, wine, champagne, bread, pastries and exquisite, romantic culture. Surely, we hear you say, it’s not possible for this country to have even more things for us to adore? Well think again, for another of France’s gifts to the world is their dogs, and we’ve gone and foundContinue reading “15 French Dog Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With [DogBuddy]”