It’s really amazing when a tiny idea in your brain becomes something you can actually hold and stare at. Here are some examples of times when that happened.

I Want To Eat Crisps With You, Dave Buonaguidi

Dave Buonaguidi is an artist, based in Hackney, London, who specialises in creating unusual and original hand-printed screen prints.

I met Dave at the Affordable Art Fair in 2018 and immediately fell in love with his style. Good words written, fun moments captured and of course, fun glitter. Very me.

I bought a ‘Party Like It’s 1999’ print and got to put the glitter on myself. Dave had an ‘I Want To Eat Biscuits With You’ print for sale and I said ‘Dave, everyone knows that crisps are far more superior than biscuits’ and he said ‘Fuck! I love crisps!’ and I said ‘And I do! I’m obsessed’ and he said ‘Me too!’ and I said ‘Can we do an ‘I Want To Eat Crisps With You’ one?’ and he said ‘Yeah!’

So 3 years later, the I WANT TO EAT CRISPS WITH YOU prints came to be: in Cheese + Onion, Prawn Cocktail, Salt + Vinegar and Ready Salted editions.

They were at The Other Art Fair in Kings Cross in July 2021, and on sale at

SheSaysUK, Christmas Tote Bags

Kat Linger and I teamed up with SheSaysUK, the only global creative network for women, to write lines (me) and create designs (her) for their Christmas accessories range. If you want to sling some festive female empowerment over your shoulder during the winter months, you can buy them here.

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