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Plans this weekend? Um, actually, no. [Medium]

It’s Friday. It’s five to five. And no, it’s not Crackerjack, but it is the verge of the weekend. Work’s been winding down since lunchtime, and everyone’s looking for things to appear busy with until Google Calendar strikes 5:30pm. The conversations that previously delved deep into your lunch choices have now shifted to weekend ahead.Continue reading “Plans this weekend? Um, actually, no. [Medium]”

I Officiated My Friends’ Wedding & Here’s My Advice If You’re Asked To Do The Same [Refinery29]

Growing up, our families had always been ridiculously close. With only a year between us (me older, but not wiser), Abi and I were inseparable. Despite being cousins, our relationship was more like sisters who happened to live in different houses. From holding hands at Disneyland Paris to holding hair back in Cardiff’s Live LoungeContinue reading “I Officiated My Friends’ Wedding & Here’s My Advice If You’re Asked To Do The Same [Refinery29]”

Being An Adult by Kat Poole and Lucy Tobin | Review [Stylist Magazine]

Lucy Tobin and Kat Poole know a thing or two about work, life, money and everything that comes in between. Lucy is an award-winning journalist, specialising in business and personal finance, and Kat is the Editor of Emerald Street, email champion of women’s lifestyle, culture and entertainment. Between them, they’ve combined everything there is toContinue reading “Being An Adult by Kat Poole and Lucy Tobin | Review [Stylist Magazine]”

Money: A User’s Guide by Laura Whateley | Review [Stylist Magazine]

In the opening chapter of her first book, Laura Whateley stresses heavily that she is not a financial advisor. She is, however, an award-winning journalist for The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer and more. After just one chapter, I reckon this is some of the best financial advice I’ve ever had. It’sContinue reading “Money: A User’s Guide by Laura Whateley | Review [Stylist Magazine]”

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing | Review [Stylist Magazine]

When 23-year-old art student April May stumbles across a strange metal object in Manhattan, she makes a quick video of it with her friend, Andy. She names what she thinks is a sculpture ‘Carl’, posts the video online and thinks nothing of it. The next morning, she wakes to find that it’s gone viral and that New York Carl isn’t a one-off – multiple Carls have appeared in cities all over the world.

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