Hiya, I’m Emily – a writer, thinker and talker from South Wales who is, much to the horror of her family, living in South London.

I love words, so I spend my days writing them. I flit between article writing, copywriting, script writing, caption writing and more recently, book writing *screams*.

words in the real world

I’ve written words for Refinery29 UK, Stylist and The Huffington Post UK. You can also find some of my writing on Medium.

words in the startup world

I started my career at tails.com, where I ran social media channels and wrote copy for dog owners (and lovers) all over the UK. I loved that job so much. After all, at what other company would you, as part of your job, have to converse with a person who is pretending to be (and writing as) their dog via Instagram DM?

Anyway, I love helping small brands to find their voice and have done so with tails.com, DogBuddy, The AllBright, Circle and a few other FMCG brands via Umbrella Collective.

words in adland

I worked at Proximity London, one of London’s top advertising agencies, where I wrote words and came up with ideas for brands like IKEA, Virgin Voyages, Virgin Holidays, Asda, Disney, The Economist, John Lewis, Volkswagen and others, too. I also wrote about Adland-related things for Campaign Magazine and Creative Brief. Oh, and I wrote this tweet about Account Managers (which got a lot of attention) and my boss told me to ‘be careful’.

how to summon me

If you were to summon me with a salt circle and only five items, you could do so with a Border Terrier, a bag of salt & vinegar Discos, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’, a gift voucher for Anthropologie and anything by Nora Ephron. Or, you could just send me an email.

What People Say

All her writing is rewarding to read. She just gets a brand’s tone of voice, and her personal work is full of her personality: funny and fabulous.

Vikki Ross, Copy Chief

Emily is the most accident-prone person I’ve ever met. It’s genuinely amazing she’s still alive.

Tom Powell, Head of Copy at Proximity London

I could not think of a better person to collaborate with. It could be a project for snail food and I would still have fun creating something with her that I know would be thought-provoking, insightful and brilliant.

Elspeth Hoskin, Freelance Senior Designer

Want to work together?