Hiya, I’m Emily – a writer, thinker and talker from South Wales who is, much to the horror of her family, living in South London.

I love words, so I spend my days writing them. I flit between article writing, copywriting, script writing, caption writing and more recently, book writing *screams*.

in the real world

I’ve written words for Refinery29 UK, Stylist and The Huffington Post UK. You can also find some of my writing on Medium.

in adland

I worked at Proximity London, one of London’s top advertising agencies, where I wrote words and came up with ideas for brands like IKEA, Virgin Voyages, Virgin Holidays, Asda, Disney, The Economist, John Lewis, Volkswagen and others, too. I also wrote about Adland-related things for Campaign Magazine and Creative Brief. Oh, and I wrote this tweet about Account Managers (which got a lot of attention) and my boss told me to ‘be careful’.

in the startup world

I started my career at tails.com, where I ran social media channels and wrote copy for dog owners (and lovers) all over the UK. I loved that job so much. After all, at what other company would you, as part of your job, have to converse with a person who is pretending to be (and writing as) their dog via Instagram DM?

Anyway, I love helping small brands to find their voice and have done so with tails.com, DogBuddy, The AllBright, Circle and a few other FMCG brands via Umbrella Collective.

how to summon me

If you were to summon me with a salt circle and only five items, you could do so with a Border Terrier, a bag of salt & vinegar Discos, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’, a gift voucher for Anthropologie and anything by Nora Ephron. Or, you could just send me an email.

What People Say

All her writing is rewarding to read. She just gets a brand’s tone of voice, and her personal work is full of her personality: funny and fabulous.

Vikki Ross, Copy Chief

Emily is the most accident-prone person I’ve ever met. It’s genuinely amazing she’s still alive.

Tom Powell, Head of Copy at Proximity London

I could not think of a better person to collaborate with. It could be a project for snail food and I would still have fun creating something with her that I know would be thought-provoking, insightful and brilliant.

Elspeth Hoskin, Freelance Senior Designer

Want to work together?